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With this project, the Italian Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) intend to start the application process of the Fishing Cultural Heritage for inclusion in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage
supported by UNESCO.

More precisely, the following operational objectives have been outlined:

Promote the knowledge of crafts, artefacts and gear related to professional fishing, as an expression of the identity of coastal communities and territories.

Enhance the intangible cultural heritage of crafts, artefacts and gear related to professional fishing, by identifying protection and preservation actions.

Communicating the intangible cultural heritage through communication campaigns, audio-visual tools and local actions in the territories concerned.


Download the brochure (pdf) where, through a participatory approach, fishermen, operators of other economic sectors such as tourism, culture, commerce, institutional representatives and representatives of the Coastal Action Groups were asked to provide their contribution to survey and identify the identity elements pertaining to fishing in their coastal territories that can represent the cultural heritage of fishing, the knowledge, the trades, the manifestos that will be objects of promotion and valorisation as material and immaterial inheritance for future generations.


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Actions in detail

For the implementation of the project, a set of closely interconnected actions (the so-called ‘Work Packages – WP’) was defined.
Each action can be briefly described as follows:

WP1 - Management

This action intends to provide the necessary support to lead and partner FLAGs, for project coordination, relations with partners, institutions, and operators, and for the preparation of all project documentation.

WP2 - Anayisis

Creation of a file/dossier on the activities, handicrafts and gear that are present in the territory of each partner FLAG and reported by them; each in-depth study is aimed at identifying significant territorial peculiarities, potentially the object of the following WP3. Preparation of a joint study at the end of the activity.

WP3 - Intangible Cultural Heritage

Preparation of detailed dossier on a shortlist of the most representative trades, artefacts and gear, with a view to the subsequent launch of the procedure for registration on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

WP4 - Communication

Communication activities aim to give resonance to the project, involve institutions and raise awareness among operators. Outputs: project visual identity, information brochures, meetings, press releases, unitary map of the elements object of WP2, editorials in specialised magazines, final presentation of results.

WP5 - Docufilm

The documentary film aims at raising interest in the viewer for disseminating and promoting knowledge about the richness of the places and traditions of fishing along the Italian coast, focusing on the territorial areas of the partner FLAGs. Phases: Definition of the subject, development, pre-production, shooting, post-production and distribution.

Local dissemination actions

Planning of meetings, seminars and masterclasses in the territories of the partner FLAGs, for the involvement of local institutions and operators, support during the shooting of the docufilm, organisation of moments of confrontation and collection of stories, traditions and ideas.

Expected Output

The project aims at fostering the knowledge about the intangible cultural heritage constituted by traditional fishing crafts, artefacts and gear, favouring visibility and awareness, stimulating the definition of actions aimed at protection and promotion and promoting the participation of local communities and operators.

The overall sustainability of the project is supported by the communication activity, whose aim is in fact the dissemination of the variety, value and representativeness of a heritage that is the object of the creativity of coastal communities.

The start of the subsequent intangible cultural heritage application process of the candidate element(s) is intended to be representative of the diversity and complexity of the traditional heritage, as a synthesis of its transmissibility and correlation with the coastal environment, its history, social and cultural belonging and sustainability.

Project Partners – The Flags

At the national level, there are 53 FLAGs (Fishery Local Action Groups), public-private partnerships that implement ‘Action Plans’ to create opportunities for local communities in coastal areas and for fishing.

Altogether, the 53 Local Action Plans of the Italian FLAGs include 506 actions, with particular reference to the sectors of fisheries diversification and blue economy. Within the framework of the respective Local Action Plans, so-called ‘co-operation projects’ can be activated, on an inter-territorial, national and/or transnational scale.

The PCP – Fishing Cultural Heritage project is one of these. It involves 9 FLAGs belonging to 6 Italian regions (Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, Tuscany and Veneto)


Cooperation Projects

Co-operation projects between FLAGs concern, in particular, the sustainability of fishing activities, the development of economic models linked to fishing areas, such as tourism and the valorisation of local productions linked to fishing activities, as well as the improvement of the management and potential of the environmental heritage in fishing areas.


Salsedine a Venezia

Salsedine a Venezia

Il 15 novembre alle 12.30 al Consiglio Regionale del Veneto, Palazzo Fini, Sala Cuoi a Venezia viene proiettato Salsedine...

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Salsedine a Venezia

Salsedine a Venezia

Il 15 novembre alle 12.30 al Consiglio Regionale del Veneto, Palazzo Fini, Sala Cuoi a Venezia viene proiettato Salsedine...

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